What's in a domain name?

It all starts with a domain name. Owning the right domain name can make all the difference. Your domain should be selected with the same care and research that you used when choosing the name for your business. Your domain name impacts how easily people find you and ties directly to your branding. The right domain name is one of the most valuable assets to a successful company. 

Why a Geo-Domain name?

In order to grow, you need to have at least one descriptive domain to compete in today's online world.  If your domain doesn't say exactly what you do and where, you don't stand out to prospective clients searching for that product/service. The more domains that link to your site, the more Google thinks your site is relevant compared to your competition with less links.


If you are competing with another local company in your category, the relevance of a domain name can help you rank better. With all other factors being equivalent, a site with name like MiamiWeddingPhotography.com will rank higher than AnnSmithPhotography.com for customers searching for "Miami Wedding Photographer".  

Extra Features:

Additional advantage of geo-domain is the forwarding feature that enables forwarding of the domain to your primary domain without creating a new website. 




The Domains